Dr. Wm Teets will speak at Newcomers September Luncheon

September Luncheon begins new season of Newcomers

Lynda Evjen, our vice president, does the lion’s share of the work with securing our speakers for the luncheons and has arranged an interesting and timely speaker for September. Coming on the heels of our exciting opportunity to view a total solar eclipse, Dr. William Teets will be thought provoking and entertaining. Please plan to join us.

Speaking of luncheons, as prices all around us increase, so must the price of the luncheon. Blue Grass Country Club has increased the price we must pay for the luncheons, so we must pass this cost along to attendees. The new cost of the luncheon, with a timely made reservation, will be $22. The club makes NO profit on these luncheons at this price, and in fact we actually lose a little money each month. Please make sure you make your reservation on time for the luncheon, or the price as a walk in at the door will be $25. Remember you can always make your reservation and pay for your luncheon online on the Newcomers website too.


Our Speaker, Dr. William (Billy) Teets

Dr. William (Billy) Teets is the outreach astronomer at Vanderbilt University’s Dyer Observatory. Billy was born and raised in Clarksville, Tennessee, and received his B.S. in Physics in 2004 from Austin Peay State University. He was accepted to the Vanderbilt University graduate program in 2005 and received his Ph.D. in (Astro) Physics in 2012. He has worked at Dyer Observatory since 2006, starting as a part-time student helper and then getting hired on as the staff astronomer in late 2012. As Dyer’s outreach astronomer, you may find Billy giving tours around the observatory, giving public lectures, operating myriad telescopes, programming a new exhibit…the list goes on. Below is our outreach astronomer Dr. Billy Teets talking about solar eclipses including the 2017 total solar eclipse and how to safely view it. You may also view it on YouTube directly at https://youtu.be/phQBz9FX4uE

Charity of the Month: Bows & Ballcaps

BOWS & BALLCAPS is a charitable organization dedicated to offering love and support to kids fighting cancer, especially those who have lost their hair from their treatments. It was founded in 2013 by then ten-year-old Hannah Grubbs, a girl who has been bald her entire life from Alopecia Areata. Hannah lost her hair from Alopecia before she was one year old, and she has real-life, first-hand experience with what it’s like to live without hair. Her mission is to encourage other kids to be comfortable and confident being bald, and to remind them that it is what’s on the inside that really matters. Hannah’s message to the world is that we all have a beautiful light inside of us that makes us unique and special. Hannah has received so much generosity through the years from people who think she has cancer that she wanted to pass it on… to actually come up with a charitable program specifically dedicated to doing something for kids with cancer or Alopecia, like her. Now, she can turn a random inquiry about why she doesn’t have hair into an opportunity to spread the word about BOWS & BALLCAPS and help other children.