Please help us produce our Directory!

Ads can be personal, inspirational, your business ad, family pictures, or support of a local business

It's that time of year again, a few of our hard working board members are putting together the new membership directory. I think everyone would agree these directories are very handy - including and especially the pictures of everyone that help us put names with faces. A key part of the success of the directory production is the sale of advertisements. These ads help us offset the costs associated with production of the booklet.

Many of you took out an ad in last year's directory, and we appreciate your support. These ads can be personal inspirational ads, family pictures, your favorite Newcomers activity or support of a local business whom you endorse. Please consider helping Newcomers again this year, and renewing your ad, or placing another one. In addition, if you contacted a business last year and sold an ad, please make sure to contact them again and get a renewal.

Thanks for your help and support on this project.

Just click on the size ad you would like to purchase.