November Luncheon

Our guest speaker for the November luncheon is Jamie Owens, Community Services Director of the Hendersonville Police Department. He is responsible for establishing and maintaining an effective partnership between the community of Hendersonville and the Police Department. His stories, guidance and tips will help us stay safe and protect our property as best we can. Carol Gower will be sending Jamie questions or comments to address during his appearance at the luncheon. Please forward your thoughts to Carol by October 26 so that she can then in turn forward them to Jamie. It would be interesting to know his thoughts on the best self-defense classes available or how much he interacts with the police agencies in the rest of Sumner County or what should we look out for as we travel out in the community on our own. All ideas are welcome!

The Sumner County Food Bank will be our charity of the month.

As always, if any Newcomer has a recommendation for a guest speaker, please let Carol Gower know.

To make reservations for the luncheon, you now have three options – you can send an email to or call or text Kay Rorick at 260-602-4551. We need to have your
reservation no later than 8:00 pm, Monday, November 5th. The cost of the luncheon is $22 if a reservation is made and $25 for walk-ins.