May’s Message from the President

Dearest Newcomers,

“Stay close to anything that makes you glad you are alive.” – Hafez

All of us have those beliefs or that faith or that creative passion or that romantic sentiment that makes us glad to be alive; we have those family members or friends or co-workers who make us glad to be alive; we have our lake or favorite beach or favorite park or ski slope which makes us glad to be alive. Being a Newcomer and connecting with you all is definitely on the (rather long) list of things that I work to stay close to. My hope is that you feel that way too!

As we say welcome to those Newcomers who are returning to the monthly luncheons, we also have to say good-bye to some who are leaving us. Jane Marshall will be making a move to Virginia; for those who know her, she is a compelling story teller and a fashion show model with a special pizazz and flare. For those who know her, she a  marvelous friend, and she will be greatly missed. We wish her a safe journey and a peaceful new life. Patsy Johns and Paul, her husband, will be relocating to South Carolina to be closer to family and dear friends. She has been a tireless and valuable asset to our Club; her friendship, opinions, suggestions on books to read, and shared conversations have been blessings repeated over and over again. We wish her a safe journey to her new home and exciting new adventures in her new life.

Sadly, we are missing Cathy Turner and Sharyn Evans. Please remember that services for them will be May 1st and May 7th, respectively. Details have been sent to you in earlier emails. Our May luncheon is scheduled for Thursday, May 13th. Our charity of the month is the Cumberland Crisis Pregnancy Center. We are excited to be contributing to this organization – they provide such valuable services to women and their children. As with any of our charities, if you wish to make a donation to be included with the money donated out of our treasury, please donate cash or your check (with the charity’s name on the memo line) at the luncheon, or you can also send a check into our post office box. If you would rather contribute something tangible, the following is a list of needed items: size 6 diapers; summer play clothes for girls, sizes 2T and 3T; jeans are always welcome; summer play clothes for boys, sizes 18 or 24 months and 3T; pajamas for boys’ size 2T; toddler tennis shoes – girls’ sizes 4, 4 ½, 7 and 7 ½ and boys’ sizes 4 and 4 ½ and 9 and 9 ½; unscented baby wash and unscented baby lotion. Bring your gifts to the luncheon or contact me and we can work out a pick-up date and time. When I called to ask about their needs, I was told that we are all pieces of a mosaic – the Center for what they do and Newcomers and other community resources that contribute to the Center and the families they help.

Please note that June is the month for our Rose ceremony. This is when we say good-by and thank you to the Newcomers Board Members who will not be serving the Club in the coming year. This year not only will we be recognizing those who are leaving the Board this year, but we will be recognizing those who moved on last year during the pandemic shut down. Please join us for this special luncheon.

Newcomers have been delivering birthday cupcakes (courtesy of Joan Blanich) to those celebrating birthdays in the month of the luncheon. Starting in May cupcakes will also be delivered to those who didn’t get their cupcakes when we were all stuck at home.

May is an interesting month – there really aren’t that many funny/I didn’t know that kind of days.  So, straying from my normal approach, I note that May has Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, National Teachers Day, National Nurses Day and National Rescue Dog Day – each day is special in its own right! Then of course, there is National Wine Day and Eat Anything You Want Day; I couldn’t let those go by.

Wishing you good health, joy and happiness.
Love, Carol Gower