May Days at Newcomers!



I settled on a quote from Gloria Steinem for this month’s message that talked about the deep connections that women share and how “they often ignore barriers of age, economics, worldly experience, race, culture …”

I thought about us as Newcomers; I thought about our March Fashion Show; I thought about our April luncheon; I thought about our Bridge group and the last coffee that I attended. All of us are so lucky to have these and many more opportunities to make and foster existing connections with other women through our club.

Then I watched a video on Facebook where actor Tom Hanks was sitting at an Actors Rountable with Adam Driver, Adam Sandler, Jamie Fox, Robert De Niro and Shia LeBeouf.

The clip starts with Tom saying, “I wish I had known that this too shall pass. You feel bad right now, you feel pissed off, you feel angry … This too shall pass. You feel great, you feel like you know all the answers, you feel like everyone finally gets you … This too shall pass. (Laughter at the table) Tim is your ally and if nothing else, just wait, just wait it out.” Typing his thoughts or rereading them isn’t nearly as good as hearing Tom Hanks say them in his own voice, but his words are so true. I can’t tell you what was in his heart or what happened at the Roundtable, but I felt the message was to keep moving forward knowing that the highs and lows are fleeting and just a part of life. It’s interesting how these four words can bring an emotionally charged time in your life into focus. There are definitely times in my life when repeating the mantra “This too shall pass” would have helped me!

Thank you to all of you who contributed to our March Fashion Show charity, Feed Sumner. We were able to write them a check for $2,500 – your generosity and kindness is so very much appreciated as we help the Feed Sumner folks assist Sumner County residents who deal with food insecurities.

The April luncheon was a really fun event. Not only did we hear from teachers turned authors talk about their award-winning books for adults or children readers, these guests donated a beautiful Louis Vuitton handbag! We woud up actioning off this amazing gift and then donated the proceeds to go to HomeSafe – our Charity of the Month. If that wasn’t good enough, our guest and their guest decided to become Newcomers!! Thank you to everyone who sought out the Giving Tree or made donations to help support HomeSafe’s activities providing support to survivors of domestic abuse. We were able to write a check for $1,500 and made some new friends!! Thank you to everyone who wrote down suggestions for charities for us to support in the coming year; you inputs are greatly appreciated.

Things to Remember:

1. The collection of wallets and purses/handbags will continue through the month of May to benefit H.A.T.S. You can bring your new or gently used items to our luncheon or certain activities during the month. Check with your activity director to see if she has worked out collecting them for Jane Birckhead or Mary Lou McNabb.
2. At the May luncheon we will be asking again for suggestions/ideas for charities that you would like for the Club to support. For those who do not attend luncheons please email your suggestions to me or Mary Lou McNabb. Your opinions matter!
3. We will have another book share at the June luncheon. Bring books that you think one of your Newcomer friends would like to read. They will be put on a table or tables for luncheon attendees to take home without charge. All books not making their way to a new home will be donated to local libraries.
4. Membership renewal time for our new year begins in May. Please put this on your to-do list during May or June.
5. Our new year begins in June 2023. Your Board of Directors will be introduced at the June luncheon.

Well, I went searching for some little-known special days in May of 2023 – what I can tell you is that May has one of the longest lists of celebrations (serious, funny, religious, patriotic, etc.) I’ve ever seen in all of my searches. What I did find interesting is that there is a National Mimosa Day and National Quiche Lorraine Day. Sounds like brunch in the making!!

I wish you continued good health, peace, and happiness,