It’s March! Must be spring…along the garden path!

Our March Fashion Show took place Thursday, March 9. This was be a fun event and we thank all who helped make it possible!


"The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members." Coretta Scott King, Author

I read somewhere that it was harder on a woman to pick up and move/leave her home than it was for a man. Taking such a huge step is a such a crap shoot - no one can be assured that everything will work out as planned or hoped. Months before leaving our Virginia home, I had so many fears about what could go wrong with relocating to Tennessee. I'm not a particularly curious or adventuresome person so the unknowns scared the growl out of me. The great news, however, is that none of my worries became realities. My home is here now, and one of the things that I am so grateful for is the community that I find in my county, my city, and in Newcomers.

The sense of community that is available with our Newcomers membership is  a gift that keeps on giving. The connections and experiences that we share, the things that we get to do, and the "stuff" that we learn in our small groups enhance our day-to-day lives. We laugh together, share together, and in some cases depend on each other. We have the opportunity as a group to make a difference in our larger community as we provide financial support to our charities of the month. The program that Jane Birckhead and Mary Lou McNabb have put together allows us to serve the community as volunteers working on projects that make it easier for non-profits and educational agencies to do the business of taking care of their constituents. Taking part in these projects gives us opportunities to meet folks taking care of our people in need. To experience their commitment and their enthusiasm is a form of payment for any effort that we make.

It looks like Hendersonville's S'MORE Camp program will be back again this year, and there may be some volunteer activities that Newcomers can take part in. Remember that this program provides summer reading support in a fun environment so that students can keep up their reading skills during summer break. If you are interested in volunteering and have a  background check, please check out

Things to remember about this month: March is International Women's  Day! Daylight Savings Time starts on March 12. March 19 is International Read to Me Day - Wonder if the S'MORE folks know about that!! Then there is Goof Off Day and International Day of Happiness and other days to celebrate napping and popcorn and forests and chocolate ….. and then there is our MARCH FASHION SHOW!!!

As always, I wish you good  health, peace, and happiness.