Latest News from Our President

It is with great pleasure and hopes for the future that I write to you as your new President of our Club. For me, membership in this organization has been one of the biggest blessings in my life. It
has given me the chance to meet so many smart, witty, experienced, talented and loving women. The similarities, differences and opinions that we “bring to the table” make us able to make life so
much better for each other and for our community.

Many of us had hoped that we would be able meet in person in September. Unfortunately, that will not happen for us as a large group. Some of us are meeting in small groups in person or in Zoom
meetings. Others are connecting by phone or by sharing info (i.e. bridge lessons) or personal updates by email or text. Some are sharing inspirational and uplifting words and pictures on
Facebook. However, we are so missing being together – maybe even sharing hugs – during our luncheons.

Your Board of Directors will continue to monitor the guidance from our elected officials and the medical/scientific experts on when we can safely hold a luncheon for a group our size. It has been
decided that our first luncheon will be one of celebration for finally being able to resume some of the normal things we used to do prior to last April. We are not going to have a guest speaker at that first luncheon – it will be a time for reconnecting with friends that we have missed and a time for meeting new members who have joined the club during the last few months. We are,  however, going to have our Rose ceremony where we say good-by to the 2019-2020 Officers/Board members who are transitioning out of their offices and committees, and we introduce the 2020-2021 Board of Directors.

Our Tennessee Museum Excursion has not been cancelled – it has just been postponed. Once the timing is right and virus fears have been abated, the trip will be rescheduled!! We have record of
who has signed up and paid for the trip; the money has been earmarked as being just for the Excursion.

On an anecdotal side: Did you know that September is National Courtesy Month? Maybe some folks on social media need to know that! Lol. It’s also Baby Safety Month, Classical Music Month,
Hispanic Heritage Month, International Square Dancing Month (who knew?), and National Piano Month. Finally, it’s also Self Improvement Month – maybe I should finally finish the projects that have been on my “to do” list since last we met! ~ Carol Gower