June’s Message from Carol

“And suddenly, you know: it’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.” (Meister Eckhart)

Our Newcomers’ year officially ends May 31, and we celebrate the beginning of our 2022/2023 year in the month of June. There is a magic of and about beginnings that combines knowledge from what went on in the past with ideas and hopes and plans for the future. There is an energy about the start of something good that can be made better or enhanced or that can continue just because it was awesome the way it was. Newcomers have seen so much go on this past year: most activities returned to “normal” scheduling; new members joined us; many guests attended our luncheons; donations were made to worthy Sumner County organizations; luncheon programs were entertaining and informative; the Spring Fashion Show was back!

Our May luncheon was cancelled due to a tragic event. I thank Bobette Spear, Jane Birckhead, Rita Krupp, and Kim Stokes for working so hard to get the word out to everyone. I appreciate the understanding that everyone showed as we navigated our way through this.

Our June luncheon will be a special one as the Board of Directors for the coming year will be introduced, and words of appreciation will be said about the Directors who are leaving the Board. There will be a short Status of Newcomers Briefing which will provide some specific details about our results for the year. This luncheon will be a great opportunity for members to renew their membership for the new year; of course, you can also renew on-line if that suits you. It would be super if renewals were close to 100% this year – and you can make that happen!

The folks at each table at our June luncheon will be asked to suggest Sumner County charities/non-profits who can use our financial support. It’s easy enough for the Board of Directors to “pick” the monthly charities, but the Board wants to listen to the membership and this activity will be an easy way to “hear” what you have to offer. The Board’s plan is to have all charities (one for each luncheon) selected and vetted by the beginning of September. Over the course of the coming year, the Board will be looking for people who are interested in taking a place on the Board. There will be a short (depending on the number of questions) “Question & Answer” time at the June luncheon on what it takes to be a part of the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE and BOARD OF DIRECTORS.

Lest you think that June’s luncheon will be just about “business”, there will be lots of time for visiting and fun – and maybe even some hugs.

Please note that there will not be luncheons scheduled for July and August. The members of individual activities will determine if and how often they will meet during the summer months.

For me, June is a busy month of family and friend birthdays and travel and hopefully beautiful sunny days. I hope your June is everything you want it to be.

Wishing you continued good health, love, peace, joy, and happiness,