July in Sumner County!

Dearest Newcomers,
Do you feel happier when the sun is shining? Well I know that I do. Although I know the value of rainfall, it’s the sunshine that we’re experiencing now that makes tackling a “To Do” list so much easier. It also brightens (a pun – my bad) our travel experiences. There is news about many of us taking those trips to see families or special places that we haven’t seen in the past year. Whatever your travel plans are for the summer, I hope the weather cooperates and that your plans turn out just as you hoped they would.
We had our June luncheon, and as advertised, we finally had our Rose Ceremony. This Newcomers ritual acknowledges those Board members who have given up their positions on the Board for other life adventures and welcomes the 2021/2022 Board members. This event was a bit different in that our list of Board member changes included those that occurred for the 2019/2020 year.
Now for some housekeeping items:

  1. We will not be having any luncheons in July or August.
  2. The next Board meeting will be the first week in August.
  3. If you haven’t done so already, please renew your membership. The renewal form is attached to this Newsletter or you can go to www.newcomerssumner.org/dues/
  4. If you want to make changes to personal information in the Directory, please send those changes to Cheryl Deeter our Membership Director, cdd@deeters.us.
  5. Do you need a new Directory Photo or are you a new member and haven’t been in the Directory before? You can send your favorite photo to Newcomers.Art@gmail.com. Keep in mind these pix are headshots only and cropped to a 1” x 1” size.
  6. or contact Connie Maynord to have a picture made, CBMaynord@hotmail.com.
  7. If you have any suggestions for guest speakers or ideas for Sumner County charities that are near and dear to your heart, please forward them to anyone on the Board.
  8. Please note that beginning with the September luncheon we’re bringing back some of our “Normal”. We will have our Giving Tree, Door Prizes, and the use of our magnetic name tags !!!

Sue Olari and Marsha Taylor are hosting our Christmas in July Coffee. This is always such a cool event, and I hope you will make plans to attend.

Did you know that “Operation Safe Driver” is July 11-17? Haven’t we all seen drivers out there who should be sent back to driver’s training to be ready for this week? If your tensions mount on our metro Nashville roads, please note that following week is “Everybody Deserves a Massage Week”.

Here are some special days in July that resonate with me: the “I Forgot Day”, the International Chocolate Day”, the “National Be a Dork Day”, the National Ice Cream Day!”, and my favorite – “the National Daiquiri Day!”. Oh, and Happy 4th of July!!

I wish you all an amazing summer, good health, peace, and happiness.

Carol Gower

Charity of the Month:
With the return of our Giving Tree, donations to the Charity of the Month will begin at our September luncheon.