Message from our President:

I met someone recently who had spent many years in South America working for and with the very poor. She made the comment that we here in the U.S. have no idea what real poverty is. Maybe, but we do have neighbors suffering from food insecurity – which is the condition of not having access to sufficient food, or food of an adequate quality, to meet one's basic needs – and that’s right here in Sumner County. For whatever reasons some of our neighbors do not have the financial wherewithal to afford basic food stuff for themselves or their families. The Feed Sumner organization is working to provide food assistance to those in need so that they can stay healthy and hopefully be able to thrive. The organization has plans to expand their offerings to include meat and other perishable items that often are expensive and out of reach for the financially strapped.

FEED SUMNER serves Sumner County by assisting in feeding over 300 families each month.

  • 47 million people nationwide are food insecure and do not have reliable access to food.
  • 1 in 8 Tennesseans are considered to be ‘food insecure’.
  • It is estimated that over 2,300 people or more are currently struggling with food insecurity here in Sumner County alone.

Newcomers have committed to help the Feed Sumner ministry by donating to them during the month of March. Penelope (Downton Abbey) Wilton’s character has a poignant line in Netflix’s After Life: “Good people do things for other people. That’s it. The end.” Please help us help Feed Sumner! Thank you for your kindness!! ~ Carol