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Bluegrass Yacht and Country Club (Bluegrass) has lifted all Covid-related restrictions for using the club facilities; currently the staff continues to wear masks. Newcomers could possibly begin monthly luncheons as early as November.

To facilitate a luncheon, tables could be set up as was done in the past. To promote social distancing, Newcomers could request that tables be set up to accommodate four or six persons per table; the ballroom could potentially seat 70 people with this sort of set up. Bluegrass can prepare a seated/plated luncheon but can accommodate a buffet line with servers filling the plates.

Newcomers can request that drinks be served in glasses with lids and that salad dressings be provided in containers with lids; flatware wrapped in cloth napkins would be provided. Hand sanitizing stations would be set up in the room.

The cost of the luncheons has been raised to $25 to defray a new service-related charge to Newcomers.

This questionnaire may be sent out again in the near future if health conditions or state/local and science backed guidance changes.

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