April President’s Message

” Kids need love the most when they’re acting the most unlovable.”
Erma Bombeck

So, a while back I was at the Y for my ZUMBA class. This is a great class with gals of a wide range of ages who move to the music with a wide range of activity/movement levels (LoL). Anyway, one of my classmates is a young woman who has two beautiful toddlers who are dropped off at the Y’s nursery so that Mom can work to stay fit. This particular day I asked her how she was doing (like we ask each other all the time), and she gently and quietly told me that her little boy had had a rough morning. It seems he could not find his special toy to bring to the Y, and he was quite upset as toddlers sometimes get. She kind of sighed and said that she would have to give him an extra bit of loving that afternoon. The wisdom in what she said hit me like a ton of bricks on so many levels.

First of all, here was this relatively young and relatively new Mom instinctively knowing what she needed to do. What a beautiful example of a woman as a mother. Then I thought about our Newcomers who are giving that extra bit of love right now as they help others get to doctors’ offices or therapy sessions or grocery stores or wherever. What wonderful examples of women as friends! Others are giving that extra bit of love when they become care givers for spouses or parents who are going through challenging times.

These acts are often not what we expected our lives to be about, but they are truly great examples of women as family members in the best sense. Spring has begun; it’s time for new travels, planting and growing things, and being outside in gorgeous weather. For all of us, maybe it’s also time to give a little extra love to someone who might need it.

Dr. Gary Wilson, Director of Choirs at Hendersonville High School, brought his Chamber Choir to entertain us at our March luncheon. He gave a brief history of the music to be performed, and the students did an awesome job of singing for us. Word on the street is that Dr. Wilson wants to bring his group back to us again.

Please remember to make your reservations by 9 pm the Monday before the luncheon date. Almost always, the luncheons are the second Thursday of the months of September through June of the following year. If you want to be put on a permanent reservation list, you can contact Rita Krupp. She will be happy to help you out but please know that you will need to contact her if you won’t be able to attend a particular luncheon. One last please: Remember that those of us who work and want to make the luncheons a success are volunteers; we need your help to ensure that we have enough seating and food available for all who walk through the doors. Your making timely reservations will help us immensely.

Our April fashion show luncheon is April 14 !! Bobette’s team has been working so hard to make this a really cool event. As in the past, Connie is our model coach extraordinaire! The Chico’s staff is excited about bringing their fashions to us and we are hoping to be able to make a nice-sized financial gift to our charity of the month – Friends of Miracle Park, Gallatin.

As mentioned in last month’s message, membership renewals for our 2022-2023 year will be going on during the months of May and June. Please make plans to renew during that time frame. If you have friends that might like to join Newcomers, they can sign up then also. If you want to change your picture in the new 2022-2023 Directory, please submit a new picture prior to August 2022.

For this last part of my message, I normally look for special dates to remember that strike me as being funny or cause me to ask, “Who knew?” There are a couple of them that I’ll get to, but I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that April is a month when Christians, Jews, and Muslims observe special Holy times of prayer and rituals.

This was probably mentioned last year, but in April there is Peanut Butter & Jelly Day, to be truthful, my oldest son (in his 50’s) has a peanut butter and jelly day almost every day. Did you know there is a “Read a Roadmap Day”? Does anyone do that anymore?? There’s also a “National Eight Track Tape Day? April 3 is “National Party Day”. Maybe we could defer this one until after Easter and maybe we could celebrate the end of the war in Ukraine.

Wishing you good health, peace, joy, and happiness